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Do my teachers and others who might serve as my teachers know about me and my interests and talents?
Do my teachers help me form relationships with adults and peers who might serve as models, mentors, and coaches concerning my career interests?
Do my teachers help me build relationships in the school community and in out-of-school communities?
Do I find what the school is teaching to be relevant to my interests, including my career interests?
Do my teachers help me to understand how my learning and work contributes to my community and to the world?
Do I have real choices about what, when, and how I will learn and demonstrate my competence?
Do my teachers help me to make good choices about my learning and work?
Do I feel appropriately challenged in my learning and work?
Am I addressing real-world , high, and meaningful standards of excellence?
Is the learning and work I do regarded as significant outside school by my communities of practice and by experts, family members, and employers?
Does the community recognize the value of my work?
Do I have opportunities to apply what I am learning in real-world settings and contexts?
Do I have opportunities to contribute to solving the problems my community and the world are facing?
Do I have opportunities to explore—and to make mistakes and learn from them—without being branded as a failure?
Do I have opportunities to tinker, experiment, and speculate?
Do I have opportunities to engage in deep and sustained practice of the skills I need to learn?
Do my teachers guide me in practicing correctly?
Do I have sufficient time to learn at my own pace?
Am I allocating sufficient time for my learning--to go deep as well as broad?
Can I pursue my learning out of the standard sequence?
Do my teachers help me to determine what is the right time for pursuing a project or taking a course?